the shade of the moon by Susan Beth Pfeffer
Ick ick ick. Dragged through this just to keep up with the plot which was minimal. Compared to the first books, this is shallow and flat. Poorly written. Example: Jon actually marries Ruby on the spur of the moment in order to save her, but then ignores her at the end of the book. YA for violence
The Case That Time Forgot: Book 3 of The Sherlock Files by Tracy Barrett
Nice mystery around an ancient Egyptian water clock. This is a quick read, but lots of clues. Great for beginning chapter book readers. 3rd+
Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi
Unusual dystopia after some major climate catastrophe. Nailer is a salvager in the Gulf coast, pulling copper and recylables from wrecked tankers. His dream is to sail on an ocean going schooner. After a city-killer storm, he saves a swank girl who faces complications similar to his own. People are people with all of their foibles as well as their consciences. Nailer is a likable, deep character. I want to read more. YA for violence.
United We Spy by Ally Carter
This is the finale to the Gallagher girls' story as they are finishing their senior year. Cammie is figuring out exactly what the Circle of Cavan is seeking.From the very beginning chapter, this moves like lightning, including explosions, snipers, and mountain top escapes. Much like the last Alex Ryder book, a fitting conclusion. Excellent.
All the Truth That's in Me by Julie Berry
Julie has returned after disappearing two years ago. But she cannot speak because her tongue has been cut. The village fears her strangeness and isolates her. Her mother forbids her to made any effort at speaking. And her true love is engaged to the village beauty. Then war strikes and she knows what she must do to save the town. This is a terrific story with complications abounding, and a first person narrative that is unique. Unfortunately I think there is too much sexual innuendo for middle school. Excellent but HS

SYLO by D.J. MacHale
Bit of a slow start for me but makes up for it by the end with explosions and plot twists galore. Tucker and his friends live an idyllic life on Pemberwick Island off the coast of Maine. Then people start dying randomly. Somehow it’s related to “Ruby”, but nothing is clear—that’s for sure. I’m still a bit confused and I finished the book! Great characters. A bit stressful since people are dropping all over the placel—hence the YA. Boys will like this. Very good. (author wrote Pendragon series)

Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Lena is fast approaching graduation, her 18th birthday, her evaluation and the Cure. Her history has plagued her and she really wants the calm security that the Cure brings. No more threat of the Disease: amor deliria nervosa. Love. An usual story of dystopia with a Buddist twist. No desires, no discontent. The writing wasn’t great, but the story was, so it carried me on. This is pretty girly. Ironically I started SYLO ad Delirium together and both take place in Portland, Maine. How did that happen?? Very different stories though. This is OK. YA for angst.

Mister Max by Cythia Voight
(netgalley version) This is delightful. Reminiscent of English mystery stories in late Victorian England. Max believes he is going to India with his actor parents, but they disappear the day they are supposed to take the boat. Max works with his grandmother (ex teacher and current librarian) to work things out. He meets a variety of characters and becomes a solutioneer. I liked this a lot. 4th+